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I didn’t go to Andalusia, Spain just for fun. I went there to look for a perfect place to host the Write Fresh retreat every November.

As my friend Nina called it ” the altimeter PERFECT spot of inspiration”

The Write Fresh Retreat update: after 3 weeks, 20+ towns, 30kg of oranges, a few failed attempts to say something in Spanish and a lot of pictures, I found a perfect place for the Write Fresh Retreat. The town is called Nerja and it’s located right on the coast.

Balcon de Europa, Nerja, Spain

Why write in Nerja?

  • Sea air, a hell of a balcon and friendly Spanish people.
  • In Nerja they make amazing coffee.
  • It’s beautiful but not crowded in the off season (November it is)
  • The land whispers inspiration. Try not tuning in!