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This is a first in a series of workshops along the ancient road to the Northern Orient, the King’s Way. Our vision is one of balance and celebration.

Yulia has brought yogic and personal lessons from the forests and cities of Central Asia, on her journey to the West.

Harold’s journey with the Green Man of the forests into the East included deep travel through spiritual landscapes of Europe.

Yulia Aleynikova

Founder, Hoolahooping Word Chaser

Touch your words every day!

Born and raised in Krasnoturinsk, a small Russian town safely tucked in the Urals, Yulia was able to express what she observed through reflective writing and developed a flair for art. It's with this curiosity about and appreciation for the fanciful, Yulia has brought personal development experience and love for storytelling to empower everyone around her. A body-awareness coach and an ardent tea drinker, Yulia challenges herself and others to come out to play and let our bodies dance its stories. Anything is possible over a cup of tea. A certified Human Design Specialist, Yulia believes in the power of naps. Her memoir "The Siberian Heatwave" is currently looking for publication, so is her collection of poetry "Powder Power: The Zen of Whistler".

Harold Rhenish

Writer, Tree pruner

Love to play tricks

Harold Rhenisch played Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 1975. His actor’s ability to quickly enter the voice and spirit of any writing, prepared him for a lifetime of helping writers shape their work. He is playful, sees stories from many sides, and embodies the curiosity and wisdom of Puck. He studied poetry as an ancient healing art and has deep immersion in translating Syrian mystical texts. With these skills, he became a creative nonfiction innovator and editor of books that fall through the literary cracks. In 2010, he travelled the old Salt Road to the Northern Orient, where his third training began when Khdr, the sufic power of nature, gave him a new self in a Slavic forest. He has extended this rebirth by exploring the deep earth wisdom of the energy language within English. He has published thirty books of poetry, fiction, memoir, history and environmental science, and has edited over 100 books of fiction, nonfiction, history, memoir, drama, spirituality and poetry for writers across North America and in Europe.

Artur Klinau

Writer, Host, Belorussian Sauna Enthusiast

Hello & Welcome

Artur's debut in literature was a non-seller book “Sonnenstadt der Traume”, but it was just a beginning. He went on to organize art-groups, write screenplays, get involved in movie production and founded the pARTizan, a magazine about contemporary Belorussian culture. When this multifaceted Belorussian artist isn't editing, he looks for the artifacts of life in a form of Belorussian avant-garde: now there is a big collection of what he calls “non-conformism” in Minsk. Artur's attention to detail and his passion for anything creative led him in 2013 to create an art-village Kaptaruni, a place where informal festivals, art-residences, and creative projects are held. Artur believes in the uniting power of storytelling which moved him to organize an international literature festival “Meshdumorie”.