The Collision of Two Unlikely Ideas

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not exactly plagiarism, is it?

How can we benefit from the collision of two unlikely ideas? Often that’s how humor and depth begin in the narrative. Humor and depth can be the tools that would make your writing more engaging and meaningful.

For example:

  1. When talking about traveling I can add an idea of a croissant. Here’s what I ended up with: Chasing well-made croissants across the world is a convenient way to make sense of traveling.
  2. Put together writing and negative infinity (just opened a random book on a random page). Wanting to write and not writing is diverging to negative infinity.
  3. An orange juicer and what? A diet? Here’s what we get: In a Minsk grocery store, a newly installed cold-pressed orange juicer is a diet plan, not an actual diet.
  4. Play with two random words such as talking and hand, and you get: The proper way of talking doesn’t want to hold my hand.

This may prove useful if you ever get stuck with your writing and it seems like the muse is gone fishing or you want to write a quick social media post. 

I’d love to see how it went for you in the comments!