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Belarus has recently opened its doors to the world, with visa-free entry for up to thirty days. We invite you to accept the invitation with us.

Writing retreat in Belarus

location: Spain

How about turning a cozy private villa in a coastal town of Nerja, Andalusia into a 9-day creative power house? We invite you to make it happen together!


Early bird rate for Belarus, before March 1st, 2020: USD1500 (including meals); regular rate: USD1950
Early bird rate for Spain, before August 31st: USD1500;
regular rate: USD1950;


June 1-10, 2020


November 16 - 26, 2020


We offer: a combination of supportive, practical and inspiring writing sessions; ample free time for your own writing; guided natural walks, to delight and train your eye and to help the Earth speak through you.


Join us for two days in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, and then for seven days two hundred kilometres West, in what our host Artur calls ‘the art village’. It’s an artists abode where what’s modern and crisp is nested in the rustic.
The art village is located at the border with Lithuania, in the authentic but abandoned Belorussian village of Kaptaruni, a place where the rhythm of life slows and fosters creativity and concentration. 

This hub of ancient pagan culture and its woods is a homeland of Lokis, a werebear described in a novel by Prosper Merimee, a French Romanticism writer. Kaptaruni offers piece of mind on five acres of harmony between the river and the trees. You will find traditional pine architecture, the Holey Rock of Kaptaruni, a power spot, and other anomaly spots and your own log cabin, carved wooden furniture and traditional towels and bedspreads, on a well-groomed farmstead in the midst of the forest.
More on “Why Kaptaruni?” on our blog here

Whether your path through the forest follows Leschii, the ancient man of the trees, the eternal birth and rebirth of Orthodox tradition, or the startling images of the northern orient that inspire modern and ancient Slavic culture, you will find your path here. In the magical creative space of Artur’s traditional Slavic garden, we bring you the tools of wood, soil, water and air.

Your host Artur, a local author and a magazine editor, offers home-cooked food in Belorussian and European traditions. He will pamper you in his Russian Banya (sauna) made of oak wood. It’s fully-stocked with everything you will need: birch and oak sprays for your body, traditional basins and a wooden font with cold water to spill over your head and bring your body and mind together into enlightenment. Your writing muse will catch you.

  • Housing: single occupancy bedrooms with shared bathrooms.
  • Bedding, towels and laundry.
  • Banya (Russian sauna), with traditional tools.
  • Meals are included.
  • Kitchen facility.
  • Wifi access.
  • Creative stations, indoor and outdoor.
  • Yoga mats and bicycles.
  • Smoking permitted outside.


In Spain, naps – siestas – are treated seriously, and for an author it means increasing a chance of marvelous ideas coming in with practically no effort. And if you didn’t get an entire plot outline into your mind on your siesta today – there is always manana.

Join us for 9 days in Nerja, a small town in Spain’s Costa del Sol – famous for its promenade to the Balcon de Europa (balcony of Europe) and dramatic seashore. Together, we’ll work on the craft on the cozy patio but leave plenty of time to write and pause for siestas in the garden.

Combine your retreat in Spain with a 7-day road trip through the white villages. Read itinerary here

• Mesmerizing culture
• Incredible food and wine
• The area is abundant with natural beauty and friendly cats
• A great opportunity to practice speaking Spanish

With November sunshine and traditional Spanish hospitality you’ll be compelled to feel at home in this beautiful villa.

  • Housing: 3 single and 3 double occupancy bedrooms with shared bathrooms
  • Bedding, towels and laundry
  • Swimming pool and hot tub
  • Indoor fireplace
  • Air conditioning
  • Meals are included.
  • Kitchen facility
  • Wifi access
  • Creative stations, indoor and outdoor
  • Yoga mats
  • Smoking permitted outside