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Three Things I learned about Crafting Emotional Impact

Have you ever wondered what makes a scene or dialogue of a story fall flat? When the element of the story falls flat, we feel like it’s lacking something. Drive?

Writers Retreat plus a 7-Day Road Trip Itinerary in Andalusia

Writer’s retreat in Spain is already an adventure, and since Andalucia is a concentration of spectacular places to visit, what about adding a 7-day road trip? Needless to say, car

The Collision of Two Unlikely Ideas

How can we benefit from the collision of two unlikely ideas? Often that’s how humor and depth begin in the narrative. Humor and depth can be the tools that would

Write Fresh in Spain Update

I didn’t go to Andalusia, Spain just for fun. I went there to look for a perfect place to host the Write Fresh retreat every November. The Write Fresh Retreat


What's so compelling about Kaptaruni that we chose to do our Write Fresh retreat there? A few years ago Belorussian social activists began purchasing abandoned rural houses with land. Their

What’s the hardest part of writing?

One of most powerful things I was reminded of at the Vancouver Writer’s Festival 2018 was this: “The hardest part of writing is the days when you don’t write. You